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Who We Are

In the Summer of 1992 Winters Ghost was born. Winters Ghost produced their brand of original Florida music from 1992 to 2002 and performed live music in over 1000 shows! In 2010 Winters Ghost reformed to birth new music for the people they love. Winters Ghost and their family of friends continue to Pay Forward.... because it matters.

Florida Music

Winters Ghost music is as upbeat and positive as the Florida sun is kind. Big vocal harmonies that sound like a celebration mix with sparkling acoustics and angry electrics to form a sound as pure as the Gulf of Mexico. Get the music of Winters Ghost with Full Free Album Downloads! Sharing is good...pass it along.

Florida Songs

The songs of Winters Ghost are both the reason for and the result of living in Florida. You don\'t have to live in Florida to relate to Winters Ghost songs. They rock and capture the feeling of living by the beach under the sun. Check it out for yourself, if you dig it, tell a friend.